Monday, March 30, 2015

Egg Holder

I decided to quit putting off some of the bigger projects taking up space in my shop. I chose to work on finishing up my mom's bench. I wanted to route a decorative edge on the seat part of the bench so I set up my new router and was about to go to work, when I decided I should probably test out the settings and the router on a less expensive piece of wood since I'd never used this router before. I found a small piece of scrap wood and did some routing on the sides of it, adjusted some settings and then I was able to successfully finish the edge on my mom's bench. I was then looking at the test piece of wood and thought I should at least do all the edges of it while the router still had the same setup so I went around the whole outside of it so I could use it for something down the line. After it was done though, I remembered my older sister wanting an egg holder and now I had all the things I needed to make it so I went ahead with that project. I picked up an adjustable hole cutter when I got my drill press, so I was able to use that to make the correct size holes for the eggs. The hole cutter was a bit of a pain to use but I got six holes cut, was looking at it and decided to put two more holes in between the six to make better use of the space. This was a bit of a downfall. The hole cutter loosened and chopped up the edges of the hole I was cutting. I thought maybe I could eliminate that when I routed a soft edge on the holes, and fixed the cutter and drilled the last hole. Then I routed the holes so they had a nice rounded edge but it didn't really remove where the cutter chewed up the wood when it came apart, so I changed my plan of staining it, put a little putty to cover up the mess, and painted it instead. The offending hole isn't perfect. I could have spent more time on it and made it better, but a finished project is better than one that hangs around and takes up space, never to be touched for months. I'm learning to allow for less than perfect on my projects mostly so they get finished and so I don't drive myself crazy. I realized when it was all done, the only tools I used on this project were the three new ones I purchased and it fit right in with Easter coming up.

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