Friday, March 20, 2015

Bathroom Storage Case

I've been working on a bathroom storage case for my little sister. It basically goes in the bathroom and holds any additional necessities. The plans came from Shanty2Chic and you can find them here if your interested: Shanty2Chic bathroom storage case plans. I changed them a bit to fit an inexpensive mirror that you can find at most department stores. My sister is going to stain and finish it so this is as far as it got on my end. 

Here it is before I installed the mirror, it still looks pretty good without the mirror, but obviously a lengthy mirror adds to it's usefulness.

Here's how I installed the back panel that I attached the mirror to. I only have four clamps and actually I stole them from my dad so I don't own any clamps, but this job required a lot more clamps. I got around it by pressure fitting boards against the backer board. I also cut some plastic piping into slices and then cutting through those slices on one side. Those are the black circles you see in the picture. These clamps actually worked really well, the thicker you slice them the more spring back they have and the harder they hold.

Here you can see the shelves on the inside of the case. All the little wood shavings are from planing down the sides to make the door fit the case.

And a view from the back of the case. Here you can see the back boards that you use to attach it to the wall.

I'll post pics later when it's all stained, finished and installed.

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