Thursday, October 9, 2014

Shop Tour

Well I haven't been able to work in the garage much that last couple days because I've had appointments and I'm also trying to avoid the bad air a little to help with allergies. I'm gonna keep it real here and show you some pics of the shop as they are now. It's very unorganized so I decided to try and work on an organizational project every day until the whole bad air hit. I failed photography in high school so the pictures will always be the best that I can do, sorry.

This is my main work bench it's just made from a hollow core door and 2x4's so I have to be careful not to punch through the door when I'm working here. This is where my small bandsaw lives for now. I got this from my uncle along with some other tools, some of which were originally my grandfathers.

Here we have an electric bike that I can't find the charger to so that I can sell it because it's really in the way. I might hang it from the ceiling though. You can also see a table back there that holds my scroll saw and disc sander that I also got from my uncle. I'm hoping to get my grandma's old craft table to replace the plastic table since the weight of the tools are already warping it. There's a small wood rack on the wall that I made from 2x4's

More of the same area. You can see the start of a box that will be the storage drawer for one of the coffee tables I'm building. Various mess of things on the ground. I have plans to hang the extension cord from the ceiling using a cable and shower curtain hooks. The really tall standing item is part of a bench I'm making from my mom's old headboard that she got as a wedding present and didn't really want to part with.

This is the other side of the garage mostly not my woodworking things. the big black thing is the back of the bench that I'm making for my mom. It's been primed at this point but not painted its finished color. You can see my husband's duck hunting paraphernalia hanging from the ceiling. I've almost hit my head on those wheels numerous times and once for real. 

Another shot of the workbench. The pegboard is mostly unused because the clips that came with the hooks to keep them attached to the pegboard don't actually work and therefore the hooks sometimes fall off when I grab a tool.

My first organizational project, I made an insert for the handle of my saw and attached it to the wall so that my saw would have a permanent home.

Second day organizational project I made this shelf out of scrap boards to hold my finish products. It's already full and I have more products still, so it looks like another shelf will be needed in the future.

Third day organizational project. I was feeling lazy on this day so I grabbed an old paper towel holder we had bought at a bird show when we had our parrots. The front side is the female Eclectus parrot. Our female that we had was named Elly, and on the back side (not shown) is the green male of the species. Our male was named Gus. The parrots have since gone to live with friends and doing well there. I'd rather have a paper towel holder attached to the wall and off the workbench so someday I might just pick up a cheap one at the dollar store to replace this one.

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