Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Pallet Project

I haven't worked in the shop much in the last couple days but the other day my little sister asked if we could do a project out of pallet wood. I happened to have just enough left, but I'm always getting more. So I said sure as long as she learned to do it. So our older sister watched the kids for us and off we went. It was really fun showing someone how to use the different saws safely and also a little technique. She was a natural and did a great job. We mostly used a jigsaw to cut the pieces and a scroll saw for some of the smaller curves. Then we tacked all the pieces together with a nail gun. So here's our half day project. I think it really turned out great. In the second picture you can see the other part of the french cleat we made to hang it. A french cleat is basically a board cut down the middle at a 45 degree angle. One piece is attached to the wall and another to the back of the item you want to hang then they just fit together. This method of hanging something is really simple and holds a lot of weight.

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