Thursday, October 16, 2014

Pallet Clock

I got my grandma's old craft table that my grandfather built for her into my shop now but I'm still working on organizing before I take any pictures. I'm also working on the two stage vacuum which is rather boring right now so I thought I'd just post another past project. 

When my depression and anxiety were really bad I didn't like being alone with my son because I thought I might panic and not be able to take care of him. I usually got through by going to my older sister's house across the street. My church however offered to have people come over who could sit with me. I deeply appreciated the offer, but because I didn't know them all that well it just made me anxious to think of them coming over. So even though I didn't take them up on it, it still stuck with me that there were people willing to do that for me who barely knew me. When I finally started forcing myself to work on projects, it helped to do little ones that I could finish in a day. I came across a clock design that said "and 5,6,7,8" in other words a dancers clock. I knew right away I wanted to make it for one of those people who offered to come over because she was a dancer. I had a lot of pallet wood and so I ordered a little clock kit and waited for it to come in.  I decided on a square shape because it was the shape of the pallet wood and I thought it was a little more interesting than the typical circle clock. I recessed some of the back of the clock to insert the clock mechanism as there isn't a lot of distance between the battery part of the clock kit and the nut that goes on the front to hold it together. Then I did some snooping on Pinterest to see if I could find her favorite color and found she had quite a few pins with mint colored items. So roughly painted a coat of white and used some number stickers then freehanded the word "and". I painted a mint color over that and peeled off the numbers before it dried. Then I sanded lightly to distress the paint, added the clock kit and a hanger and it was done. I liked the way it turned out and so did she.

a shot of the back workings

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