Monday, October 13, 2014

Shop Vac

The bracelets from the last post didn't happen. I screwed up some measurements and managed to get one wooden cuff that barely fits my son out of the whole thing. Then I couldn't find the magnets I was gonna use to put them together so I kind of gave up on that one till I can locate those dang magnets. 

I did buy a shop vac. After some research I decided to purchase the bucket max. It's basically a vacuum that attaches to a bucket. For around 24 bucks this worked for me. I'll be getting another bucket to create a cyclone dust collector to catch most of the dust before it even hits the vacuum. I'll most likely put them both on a rolling platform as well and create some hook ups for the tools.

I woke up this morning to my husband cleaning the garage (miracle of miracles). So the garage is a lot more organized and dust free even before I brought the vacuum home. My work benches still need help because he can't really mess with that stuff or I won't know where anything is (well more so than I already do)

I also helped with a pretty neat project most of the day yesterday but can't post it yet so look forward to that soon.

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