Friday, December 12, 2014

My dad is better than your dad

My dad has worked at his job for twenty years now. A job that he has to drive about 45 min to get to each day. His work decided twenty years gets you a nice gift. He got to choose what he wanted and he picked a combo drill and driver kit. It came in and he wanted to give it to me. I said no of course, he deserved it. I mean twenty years, come on!  He said he already had some, so I said why don't you just give me the old ones then. He said he couldn't do that because they were a gift from us kids. I was stuck at an impasse. He told my mom that if I could lift the bag they were mine. Of course I could lift it. So that's how I ended up with these beautiful babies. 

Up until now I had one drill. I chose a corded drill that was fairly inexpensive at the time because I had always had bad luck with batteries. They go out when you need them, they don't hold a charge that sort of thing but I've come to love them for their portability and especially on these ones, balance. The drill I have now is a power horse but has no adjustable torque, so it pretty much strips most the screws I use unless I try to be very careful.  I also only had one drill, so I continuously had to change back and forth between the drill bit and the screw bit, which actually wears on my hands. Now, especially when using pocket holes, I can drill with one and use the impact driver to screw in the screw. No changing back and forth. This will really cut down my construction time and I won't have stripped screws all the time, which is the fastest way to get me cursing in the shop. 

I'd also like to mention that I've always stolen his tools if I could lift them. I have several of his tools on long loan in my shop at this moment, and even though I treat them with respect now, I used to mess them up. Like the time I took his hammer and chisels to split rocks in the backyard to see what was inside. And other times when I took them even after he told me not to, then left them outside to rust.

So thanks Dad, you're the best!

p.s. my mom is also better than your mom.

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