Sunday, December 14, 2014

Be Still

I need to be reminded each day to put my worries and trust in God. I decided a sign would really help with that. This way every time I see it I will be reminded. I settled on be still and know that I am God. I like this passage because it lets me know that I don't have to have everything figured out. If I trust that God will see us through, then I don't need to worry. I can just be still. 

I had some sign blanks that I made up out of pallet wood lying around so I chose a smaller one. Of course this is another thing I made with the intent to sell but I figured this was more important and I still have a larger sign blank that I can sell. I had already stained it so it was ready to be painted. It would have been fairly easy to print the words out and then use carbon paper to copy it on to the board.  There were two problems with that though, first I don't have much ink left in the printer and second the board was larger than a sheet of paper and I don't have a program to print it at the right size. So I brought the board over to my laptop, searched for a printable of the quote, and copied it on to the board with pencil. This doesn't leave you with as perfect a look as the previous method I mentioned but it's what I had to do. Then I used a small paint brush to paint over the pencil. It's actually easier to write with the paintbrush because as you turn and such the brush is forced to make a pleasing curve. I actually recommend you just use your pencil lines as a reference and let the brush do it's thing. After it has dried you can erase any pencil marks you see and it's ready to hang. It probably won't bother most people but I wish the words were just slightly moved to the left. Of course it's ironic that it bothers me because wanting everything perfect was one of the reasons to make the sign in the first place.

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