Friday, December 5, 2014

Christmas package

My brother just got the package our family sent him for Christmas, so I can post those gifts now. He moved to New York to attend seminary so it's our first year without him. I made a few things for them and my nephew. My nephew is at the perfect age for wood gifts. It seems most ideas are for toddler boys. So I made him two things. First is a kangaroo that hops down a ramp if you set it at the right angle. I found this idea on you tube. Here's the video hopping kangaroo toy.  And here's the pattern to make your own kangaroo pattern.

Here it is in action before I dyed it red.

I also made him a truck and used more of the eucalyptus from my childhood home's backyard. It's the brown wood sides of the truck.

My husband discover the truck could haul the kangaroo.

I also made my brother and his wife some reading assistants. I got the idea and templates from one of the woodworking sites I frequent called The Carmicheal Workshop reader's assistant. He has some great content and videos to check out. The picture is before finish sanding and shellac.

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