Tuesday, December 2, 2014

More Christmas Gifts

I've been plucking away at gifts lately. Everything else is pretty much on hold till I finish them all. Every year I make my godson (my nephew) a nativity. I don't know how long I'll continue this because eventually they'll end up with a ton of nativities, but it's fun to find one that's age appropriate. Last year it was a felt nativity because he was two. This year my other nephew was interested in having his own nativity so I made two. I got some peg people at the store and saw a similar idea on pinterest for inspiration. This one is my older nephews nativity (he's almost six) that he painted himself. He wanted to take it home right away of course, so it's without some of the extras of my godson's nativity. He knows which person is which but I don't. Except Flash who very few people know was actually at the birth of Jesus. He's right up front on the right.

After seeing the roof part was a bit taller than it needed to be I trimmed my godson's to make it shorter. I added rafia to the roof and the manger. I also added a sheep and donkey. Sweet little eight pound six ounce baby Jesus will probably be removed from the nativity until Christmas Eve, and I still have to spray a finish on these, but miracle of miracles in this drought, it's been raining all day.

Last but not least, and really not last, because I also have gifts I still can't show, is my son's toolbox. I got him some of the kids tools from Lowes. They have them with their kids projects of which I also got a toy car to assemble. I like these tools because they are real metal tools but kid sized. This is my effort to get him interested in what I do and out in the shop working with me. He does show some interest until I fire up a loud tool, so we shall see.

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