Thursday, April 9, 2015

Headboard Bench

My parents bought a bed frame when they were first married I believe 34 years ago. It was solid oak and it had seen it's time in their house. They got rid of it about three years ago, I believe, but didn't really get rid of it. It was put in a yard sale but a broken spindle kept people away. My mom didn't really wanna sell it anyway so it ended up in my garage. I told her I could make a bench out of it. I cut the top off and sanded a bit at first but it hung out in my garage like that for quite some time. The piece on the bottom of the picture used to be on the top of the headboard and the footboard was very similar only smaller.

I originally intended to put arms on it but I accidentally left those pieces outside after sanding them and they became cracked. I knew where my mom intended to place the bench as well and decided the arms would be in the way and make it look even more massive than it already was.

From time to time between projects I would sand and paint what was to become the bench. Here you can see the back of it with a coat of primer.

After those two or three years of occupying various places in my garage, I finally decided I needed to finish this thing, and so I did. I thought I got more pictures in between but it looks like I didn't so here's the finished product. They are using it as a footboard bench since their new bed doesn't allow for a footboard because the bed can move up and down. Sorry some of the pictures are blurry and I didn't realize it at the time.

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