Thursday, November 6, 2014


I got a request for a project and since we will be getting a new puppy tomorrow, I was able to complete most of it today. I still need to spray some finish on it but that won't be difficult. One of our friends is from Minnesota so this was the request.

I took two pallet boards for each section and I edge joined them with glue and pocket holes on the back. Then I just laid them out and used a scrap board to keep the space in the middle consistent. I drew the shape free hand (just like the deer pallet project) because I didn't wanna mess with printing out a pattern and my printer is low on ink anyway. Then I cut the shapes with a jig saw. A little sanding and dark walnut stain brought it to this stage. Here it is with a roll of painter's tape to show size.

I'm still chugging along on the coffee table. Sanding is probably the least fun part of woodworking, so it's going slow. I've also been working on a few little fun/learning projects because otherwise I lose motivation. I'll show those later when I've completed them.

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