Saturday, October 3, 2015

Frozen Peg People

 My niece's second birthday is coming up. I had zero cash to spend and a mix of illness and depression/anxiety flare up over the last week or so left me with one day to come up with a present.  Would it be fine to show up without a present? Absolutely. Does making something help me get out of my funk? Absolutely. So I decided I had to make her a present. I knew I had some peg people left over from the nativity project, but I didn't know how many.  I also knew my niece has a borderline unhealthy obsession with Frozen, particularly Olaf (who she refers to as Ro-Ro) and Anna. Upon looking through my stash I found exactly three remaining peg people.

At first I thought okay I'll make Anna, Elsa, and Olaf. I didn't want to just make three though and because Olaf is a different size/shape, I knew I could get away with making him. Then I found the same wooden balls from my grandma's stash that I used on the animals in the nativity and I knew I could use that for Sven. The peg people could now become Anna, Elsa, and Christoph. Now all I had to do was figure out how to make Olaf. In the same grandma stash there are a ton of these coat hanger peg things because she liked to make personalized shelf/hooks for us.

I was able to cut up two of these pegs and sand them to create Olaf's shape, ultimately making him a legitimate "peg" person as well. Sanding one side of a wooden ball gave a base for Sven to sit on as well.

Then I just painted them accordingly. I also painted a snowflake on a little box I had in which to store these guys. Everything got a coating of shellac and they are ready to go. Now because my niece is only two she still has a tendency to put things in her mouth, mostly only because you just told her not to, so allowing her to have these will be up to her mother. If her mother decides she's not ready for them, then we won't dare show them to her and they can just be kept until she is old enough. She may not put them in her mouth though as Frozen characters are held to a higher standard in her mind. If she is allowed to play with them, she will always be under adult supervision and they will be stored out of her reach when not in use.

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