Friday, September 11, 2015

Rocking Chair Re-do

My sister got this rocking chair at a yard sale for two bucks.

Some kind of small animal had chewed on it and it was pretty wobbly, not to mention the horribly dated paint job. It needed a new life. The existing paint was sound so I could have just painted over it but the turned parts were weirdly rippled. I think it may have been handmade due to the ripples, odd joinery, and some asymmetry in the chair.  I sanded most of  it to be smoother to the touch and look a bit better and filled in some of the bite marks with Spackle. I also filled the joints with glue to stabilize it a bit, but due to nails I couldn't add dowels through the joints like I wanted to make it super stable. It sat like that for awhile until I needed to spray paint a part of another project I'm currently working on, so I figured I'd finish the chair while I was at it.  I sprayed it with the paint my sister gave me. 

Now it's a bit less wobbly and a whole lot prettier. The color is more of a buttery white but it didn't show up well in the photo. This chair is headed for the little heinie of my youngest niece.

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