Saturday, February 21, 2015

What I've been up to

It's been a while since I last posted and I think I have to contribute that to some small computer issues but mostly playing way too much Minecraft. I can't help it, it's like having an unlimited supply of Legos and they're always sorted. In the real world though, I have completed a few small projects and I'm in the middle of a build for my little sister's bathroom. It's going to be a storage like cabinet with shelves and a mirror on the door. I'm also helping my older sister get her house ready to sell so that's taken up some of my time as well. Right now, though, I'll just share the two little projects.

The first one didn't work out as well as I hoped and I really just slapped this thing together. My son has little tubs for his Legos so I built a small holder to slide the tubs into and more importantly I wanted him to have a surface to play his Legos on because he and his cousins end up bringing them into the living room and using the coffee table. I'd much rather keep the Legos contained to his room so a surface in there really helps, plus I can always add on to it to create more storage and play surface. This size storage doesn't even come close to being able to hold all his Legos, because he's inherited my old ones as well as his own. You can kind of see the bins to the left that we already have a ton of Legos in and there's still a storage sized tub half filled with the rest. It doesn't really hold the tubs too well and I got some measurements wrong so I ended up having to add some height to one side of the slides to keep the tubs level. The big tubs on the right barely hang on to the slides and can fall down too easily, but in all honesty I probably won't fix that. I also don't know if I'll paint it or not but maybe someday. 

Next, I got really tired of all the mail clutter on our counter, obviously my old system wasn't working, so I used some pallet wood to put together a new sorting area.  I used the same copy the text from the computer screen and use carbon paper to transfer it onto the project technique (I need a shorter phrase for that so for now on we'll just call it the transfer method). I wanted to stain it darker to match the cabinets a little, but I got a little crazy with the wood glue and it doesn't allow stain, so I was afraid I'd end up with blotches of unstained area that would look bad. I left it entirely unfinished which my husband likes, but I'm still not sure. The back section holds coupons, the change jar, and my Kellogs rewards points to add to my account later. The first picture is what it really looks like (before I turned on the light) and the second is the amount of paper I'd like to see in it at the most, but life right?

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