Thursday, January 8, 2015

Throwback Thursday

I'm not feeling too great the last couple of days so I feel it might be awhile until another project is complete so I thought I do a throwback to a project I completed last year. This was one of those one day projects and there still isn't any finish on it. I'm not sure that I'll put a finish on it or not maybe just let the oils from everyone's hands show the use it got. This is a tic tac toe set I made for my coffee table. The kids usually like to play it when they come over. At the time I wanted to use my old bandsaw for something so I used it on the x's to resaw them to thickness and cut out their shape. The o's are made from some discs I got from my grandma's things when she past away. I believe it's just a closet rod that my grandpa cut into disks for her for a project. I'm not really sure of the nature of the project. The actual board I cut lines into with a hand saw. Then I made the side with some hobby wood and the bottom is some hardboard. I made six of each piece but I believe you only need five.

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