Monday, January 26, 2015

Got Clutter?

These shelves/holders were made for my older sister from pallet wood. It was a quick project and she painted them with paint she had on hand so mostly free too. The before pictures show clutter because we were moving stuff around to install them before we remembered to take pictures. The clutters not exactly what's going in the shelves but still it does look much better. The utensils were stored in a big cylinder vase next to the stove and the fruit all a little farther down the counter. The salt and pepper/spices migrated around the counter on any given day. I actually make an appearance in my pictures. That's my back in the first one and my hand in the other.

Here's the shelves/holders. The first is for utensils, the second has a slanted front and holds fruit, and the third is a small shelf for salt pepper and spices.

Here they are installed and filled. We added hooks on the fruit holder to hold bananas above the rest of the fruit, in this case apples. We tossed around the idea of writing utensils and fruit on the fronts of the respective holders but my sister ultimately decided against it.

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