Thursday, June 18, 2015

Throwback Thursday 2

It's 102 degrees today and even hotter in my garage/shop, so I'll be on a little hiatus as far as working on projects that require the shop. I used to have a better tolerance for the heat but I just end up feeling sick anymore so I'm working on a fun project indoors for now. I'll post that project when it's closer to being finished but for now I'll just show you a project from high school. This is the first project we had to complete in shop class before you could work on a project of your choosing. I decided to give it to my older sister and for the last couple of years she used it in her bathroom. The years of humidity from the bathroom took its toll on the finish and when she moved she asked if I wanted to use it in the shop now. I thought that was a good idea because you can never have enough storage in the shop. It's hard to judge the scale in the pictures but it's about two feet tall. I have a few other projects from my wood shop days and I may post them during my break if I can track them down.

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